Valley Road Must Be Made Safer

As someone who has lived in Wayne for decades, Valley Road between Preakness Avenue and Ratzer Road was almost always a three-lane road with far fewer cars than we have today.

Now it is four lanes, two in each direction, undivided, and very heavily used.

In just the past several years, we have had four deaths that have occurred and multiple car accidents. Who speaks for them?

This is a safety concern for Wayne residents and out-of-towners as well. It’s time for Wayne to re-examine this current configuration and offer viable solutions.

Making a left turn off and onto Valley Road from side streets is like Russian roulette. Watching cars whiz past me at 50+ mph on Valley Road is common. Residents that I speak with tell me this has to change.

Wayne is a suburban community, and a great place to raise a family, but we have a speeding problem on our main and side roads that has not been meaningfully addressed by the current administration.

I suggest we follow the progress made on Ratzer Road, between Alps and Valley, and Berdan Avenue, and have a single lane each way with a left-hand turn in the middle. This will slow down traffic to 40 mph and free up left-hand turns of Valley Road and make left-hand turns onto it much easier.

If four lanes must exist, traffic lights and pedestrian crossings on a few streets like Rillo Drive to slow down traffic and allow for left-hand turns will drastically improve pedestrian safety.

I know Valley Road is a County road, but can’t Wayne spearhead this initiative and work with Passaic County and with the State? Has this been done?

This is not rocket science. A coalition of local, county and state agencies working together would be a step in the right direction.

Let’s protect lives on Valley Road. Too many are lost already.

By Ken Tahan, candidate for Wayne Ward 4 Township Councilor

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