There’s No Excuse for Not Voting!

No Excuse

Statistics show that the United States consistently ranks near the bottom of most major developed democracies in voter turnout.  Wow, can you believe it?  We live in a Representative Democracy and yet we are not actively choosing those who would represent us.  That’s just shameful.  Our last local Ward election four years ago only turned out 30.1% of registered Wayne voters.

Our current Council and Mayor are all members of one party.  Wayne residents belong to two parties and the bulk of voters registered are unaffiliated.  In my opinion, in order for us to have a healthy discourse and true representation for all residents, we need to make a change.  You have that opportunity this November.  Not only can you make the effort to get to know the candidates running and how they hope to serve, you can get out and vote.

There is no longer any excuse to miss an election.  Everyone is eligible to vote early by mail.  All you need to do is visit the Passaic County Clerk’s website and print out a Vote by Mail Application, fill it out and mail it in.  Your ballot will arrive several weeks before Election Day, November 5th.  We all know life happens and sometimes we just don’t make it to the polls.  I hope I’ve convinced, at least some of you, that there is no longer any reason for that to happen to you.

I challenge everyone to cast your vote this November, by any means necessary.  Let’s make sure we choose those who would represent us in large numbers.  Let them know we’re paying attention and expect fair and balanced representation.

Cathy Kazan, President

Wayne Democratic Club

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