Don’t Surrender Your Power, Vote!

With great power comes great responsibility. What Marvel fan doesn’t recognize these famous words spoken by Uncle Ben to his nephew, Peter Parker? When the chips are down, you can always count on Spider-Man to swing by and save the world.

What would you think of a superhero who puts his or her own profit ahead of the folks they’re supposed to protect, or promotes lies, injustice and corruption? What if that superhero used his or her superpowers to bully, or to silence other good guys, or to make things (like our air, water, and land) worse instead of better? What kind of a superhero would take away food and shelter from vulnerable people — children, too — or fail to protect those who are seeking safety? Sounds more like a super villain, doesn’t it?

Like superheroes, some nations, endowed with an abundance of riches, are stronger and mightier — that’s why they’re called superpowers. How that nation and those in positions of power– at all levels of government — use those powers will determine whether they are a superhero or a super villain.

What’s an ordinary American to do?  You may think it’s hopeless.  But you possess an ability, conferred on you by our Constitution, that makes the powers that be and moneyed interests tremble, if only you choose to accept this great power, and the great responsibility that comes with it.

Your vote is your superpower. Educate yourself and exercise your right to vote this November, and in every election.

By Dianne Douthat, candidate for Wayne Ward 2 Township Councilor

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