Taking Our Country Back

Our club strives to improve our community. We are Wayne Democrats and we work to get Democrats elected to office. This June’s primary and November’s election are an opportunity to elect a Democratic Mayor and 3 Councilors at Large https://waynenjdems.org/2020-elections/.

Of equal importance, our members volunteer in various capacities throughout the township. Join us or reach out to us if there is something YOU are doing in Wayne that we can help you with. Please understand that we are missing opportunities to set things right simply because people don’t get involved – even in voting. That’s right. Local elections don’t even get a 25% turnout; and presidential elections barely get 60%. There is a role for everyone. Sign up yourself, your family, and your friends to vote by mail to improve turnout! (See Why Vote by Mail?)

2021 is an important year for everyone. We are facing more than the pandemic; and the two crises it has created – medical and economic. We need to ensure that our Democratic Governor and Passaic County officials are re-elected.

We helped re-elect Mikie Sherrill to represent Wayne in the 11th Congressional District. We helped elect Fran Ritter to represent Wayne’s Ward 5 on the township’s council. And two of our members currently serve on Wayne’s non-partisan School Board.

Check out the Wayne (NJ) Democratic Club Facebook page. Visit the pages of our members to see what they are doing – for example, Fran Ritter, Beth Marmolejos, Maria Pranzo, Cathy Kazan, or Katie Scheidt. Let’s all try to contribute to Wayne—in any small or large way.

“Wayne for All” Campaign Wins in Ward 5

November 2019, Wayne Democrats’ campaign succeeded in Ward 5 where Fran Ritter was elected to the township’s council. In Ward 1, Arlene Sullivan came within 50 votes of being elected. Final counts aren’t in yet, but Fran Ritter’s margin is close to 200 votes; so there is no doubt she has won.

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