Club Officers

Club Executive Officers

Kazan_317 President: Cathy Kazan

Liebman_246 1st Vice PresidentSamantha “Sam” Leibman

2nd Vice President: Maria Deluca-Pranzo
Recording Secretary: Fran Ritter
Communications Secretary: John Pennington
Treasurer: Gary Marchese
Last President: Steve Palmino (non voting member of executive committee)

Publicly Elected Party Leaders

Municipal Leader: Clark Okun
Legal Counsel & Municipal Co-leader: Nadia Kahf
(elected by Municipal Committee, a subset of the County Committee which is elected by registered Democrats by public ballot)

Club Ward Officers

Ward 1 Officer: Sue Deile
Ward 2 Officer: Sal Schifano
Ward 3 Officer: Karen Holgersen
Ward 4 Officer: Joyce Duncan
Ward 5 Officer: Jim Freeswick
Ward 6 Officer: Mark Dacey

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