Reject Jasterzbski’s Verbal Abuse of Women

When the video of Wayne Councilman Richard Jasterzbski verbally attacking and abusing Susan Enderly-Peracchio was first made public in 2017, the attack made in front of her daughter who took and made public the video, I was appalled. So apparently was the majority of the Wayne Town Council, Republicans all. They voted to ask him to resign; an opinion shared by virtually the entire state Republican organization. Not only did he refuse to resign, he refused to apologize.

A recall petition was attempted and went absolutely nowhere.  Why?  Did they really want to unseat him or was this just damage control, hoping as Robert Ceberio stated, “In politics people have short memories.”?  Despite their public posturing that they wanted him off the council, they nominated him to run again! We’re talking about the entire Republican organization from State Senator and Assembly representatives to every Republican on the upcoming ballot for this November. Not a single complaint. Total unity behind him. When are we going to make it clear to our elected officials that verbal abuse and violence against women is totally unacceptable?

The Democrat alternative running is Arlene Sullivan, a longtime resident, who cares deeply about Wayne and Ward 1. She is not running because of Richard Jasterzbski and his lack of respect for women, although she naturally finds it abhorrent. She is running because she wants to see that her Ward receives the attention it deserves from the Republican administration. There are traffic issues, lighting issues and safety issues that need addressing and when elected, she will address them while respecting and caring about all of her constituents.  The question now is, will Ward 1 residents reject a man with this inexcusable temperament or be satisfied once again with the do nothing to change the status quo offered by the Republican party.

Clark Okun, Wayne Democratic Party Chairman

Published in Wayne Today July 25, 2019

1 thought on “Reject Jasterzbski’s Verbal Abuse of Women

  1. An Independent July 28, 2019 — 3:26 pm

    Nobody in government should be allowed to stay there when they behave like this in public. A civil service employee would be fired for doing what the Ward 1 councilor did. I don’t live in Ward 1 but I hope the voters fire him! Sadly, this is the kind of behavior we might expect from our current president. It makes you believe that “all politics is local” when we see it here in Wayne. I’ll never skip another township election again.

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