Bigotry Is Not Welcome in Wayne

A misguided group of hate-filled bigots has recently circulated a letter suggesting that a home under construction in the Packanack Lake community is un-American because the façade includes an Arabic inscription “God has willed. God bless.” A visit to the home reveals that it also flies an American flag. Apparently, the angry “patriots” have forgotten our freedoms of speech and religion. Next thing you know they will be policing our community for Italian flags – or worse Chinese or other Asian characters on restaurants. Fortunately, our Mayor Chris Vergano has assured the homeowners that Wayne will not tolerate any infringements on their freedoms – that Wayne welcomes people of all faiths.

For people who don’t know, I can only add that Muslims have been a vibrant part of Wayne for generations, for example, the Samman’s electronics store that was the preferred place to purchase televisions, etc. Moreover, recent research has revealed that about 2½ million Muslims fought for or labored for the Allied cause in World War II. Need I say more?

By John Pennington

Published in Wayne Today 4/4/2019

1 thought on “Bigotry Is Not Welcome in Wayne

  1. Your Conscience April 19, 2019 — 4:21 am

    Only a few of us watch Wayne’s town council meetings. It was good to hear every one of them deplore bigotry, but have they issued a press release? Adopted a resolution to make public? I read that NJ has a greater increase in hate crimes than any other state. An injury to one is an injury to all. Our public officials cannot shrink from this issue. They must set a tone and go out of their way to publicize it. Wayne is diverse and embraces diversity!

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