Why Vote by Mail?

Increasing voter participation is the most important reason to vote by mail because the more people who vote, the more likely the results will be a democratic representation of our will. Mail in ballots arrive more than a month before election day, making sure that life’s little inconveniences don’t keep us from voting. Plus, mail in paper ballots are a permanent record based on tried and true technology that minimize human machine reading error and fraud.

Why if Vote by Mail So Important

The last time voter participation in a presidential election was more than 60% was 1968. The last time it was more than 70% was 1900. Why? Do we feel the results don’t make a difference – that our two parties are identical? Have we lost sight of democracy? Our choices make a difference. Democracy is not about perfection, but it is about choices.

Our founding fathers fought hard to give us the ability to make choices for ourselves rather than by kings and queens. We can sit on the sidelines and complain about how this billionaire has too much influence or that corporation has abused the public trust; but we owe it to ourselves and our children to get involved. In 1876, voter participation was 81.2%. Facing a pandemic, climate change, economic insecurity, and a world of continuous war – not to mention the threat of nuclear conflict – shouldn’t each of us sign up for vote by mail now and persuade our family and friends to do the same.

Yes, some reading this are relatively secure economically and beyond the reach of war; but for almost half a century half of us have been losing both real wages and net worth. This is a disgraceful state of affairs for the wealthiest and most powerful nation on earth. When it comes to how our presidential candidates will improve living for “bottom half,” the contrast has never been starker. Donald Trump has done more to subsidize corporations and existing wealth than any president in history. Joe Biden has consistently supported legislation to improve the situation of working people – legislation for safer working conditions and simple improvements like a $15/hour minimum wage. (https://joebiden.com/empowerworkers/)

Here and now in 2020 it is more than obvious that we would be in dire straits without all the working people who clean our hospitals and nursing homes, pump our gas, stock grocery store shelves – most of whom make significantly less than $15/hour. Most of today’s heroes don’t make $30,000 a year! Last July the Office of Management and Budget opposed the House-passed bill to raise the minimum wage to $15. In fact, during his campaign Trump said several times that we should keep the federal minimum at its current $7.25/hour. Please understand that states’ minimum wage hikes have been the main thing helping the low-income work force, not increased GDP.

Let’s All Vote by Mail!


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