Nov 5 2019 Election Results

Fran Ritter from Ward 5 was elected to the Wayne Township Council!

November 6, 2018 Saw Many Democratic Victories


Every Democrat on the ballot in Wayne and in Passaic County was elected! Turnout in Wayne was up 50% from the last midterm election from 33% to 50% of registered voters; and there were many new registered voters. Wayne voted for a Democrat for US Congress for the first time in decades. This candidate, Mikie Sherrill (on left above), will replace Rodney Frelinghuysen to represent our 11th District in Washington. She visited our club’s holiday party/meeting to thank us December 11th.

In Paterson, our County Clerk is now a Democrat, Danielle Ireland-Imhoff (on right above), insuring that there will be no more efforts at voter suppression from that office. (There were two lawsuits in the county leading up to the election – one to simplify the ballot – the other to insure a process to get newly registered voters’ signatures to polling places rather than force them to cast provisional ballots.)

Statewide, all but one Democrat on the ballot for the U.S. House of Representatives was elected. Democrats now have 11 of our 12 congressional seats in Washington, up from 6. Nationally, Democrats now have a majority in the House.

Winners that we in Wayne Helped Elect

 U.S. Congress 11th District: Mikie Sherrill – WINNER

Mikie won every ward in Wayne, the first Democratic victory in the 11th District since it was reconstituted. Turnout was just over 50%, up from 38% in the last midterm election. She won one ward by 14 votes. Your vote counts!!! Her margin of victory in Wayne was 1410 votes.

 U.S. Senate: Robert Menendez – WINNER

Passaic County Clerk: Danielle Ireland-Imhof – WINNER

 Passaic County Freeholder: Sandi Lazzara – WINNER

 Passaic County Freeholder: Assad Akhter – WINNER

 Passaic County Freeholder: John Bartlett – WINNER

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