Nazi Germany Revisited

There are many parallels between the world of Donald Trump and that of Adolph Hitler. The parallel could be drawn with the tyranny of other leaders, past and present. That does not exonerate Trump and his regime in any way but serves to emphasize that complacency in face of the Trump tyranny will not do. Hitler did not establish his hegemony over the German people over night or even in just a couple of years despite the rapidity of his success.

There is no perfect logic in deducing that the similarity of the measures and rhetoric of Donald Trump will have the same consequences as those of Hitler. Yet Trump and Hitler appeal to the same emotions and dissatisfactions. The nature of Trump’s “base” is similar to that of the German masses of the early 1930’s, which is why they both had so much appeal. Their popularity rose. Despite Trump’s constant lies and many missteps, he has maintained the support of a disturbingly high percentage of Americans. Regrettably Trump’s appeal relies to a large extent on bigotry and ignorance. The U.S. is not suffering the kind of economic hardship that Germany did after WWI. Yet people seem to agree with Trump that immigrants, especially Latinos, are undermining our society and economy. Nothing could be further from the truth. The opposite is the case. Real threats such as those posed by Russia and climate change are ignored. Hitler blamed the Jews. Trump blames the immigrants.

By Rolf Henel

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