There is no Republican Health Care Plan

When Trump ran for President, he made many promises, including some about health care. He said, if elected, that no one would lose coverage, that there would be insurance for everybody, and that health care would be a lot less expensive.

At the President’s direction, his Justice Department will not be defending the ACA in court. If the courts decide to strike down Obamacare, more than 20 million Americans could lose their health insurance. Another 130 million could be denied coverage, or be forced to pay significantly more, when the ACA mandate on pre-existing conditions disappears. Millions of young people who, because of the ACA, are covered till age 26 on their parents’ plans could also lose coverage.

The President and the Republicans say they have a better plan for health care. Where is it? If it’s so much better, why aren’t they broadcasting this to the American People?

A September 2018 Kaiser poll found 75% of Americans support pre-existing conditions coverage, and 52% are worried that repeal of the ACA would result in them, or a loved one, having to pay more for health care. The Pew 2018 midterm poll discovered three quarters of registered voters cited health care as an important issue.

Fifty-eight percent of registered voters said health care affected the way they voted in the 2018 midterms. A 2017 study also found that people in Ohio, Michigan, North Dakota, Kentucky, and West Virginia— states Trump won in 2016— would be among those most impacted, if the ACA is struck down.

Elections have consequences. Educate yourself and exercise your right to vote this year, on June 4 and November 5, and in every election.

By Diane Douthat

Published in the Record 4/2/2019

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