Climate Change

The current head of the EPA has commented, “We know humans have most flourished during times of warming trends. There are assumptions made that because the climate is warming that necessarily is a bad thing….Do we know what the ideal surface temperature should be in the year 2100 or year 2018? It’s fairly arrogant for us to think we know exactly what it should be in 2100.” Climate scientists say that warming of 4 degrees Celsius will lead to crop failures, famines, expanding deserts in bands above and below the equator, and sea level rise enough to threaten some of the world’s largest cities (most of which are on the coast) — not to mention an increase in deaths from heat alone during the hottest times of the year. What is motivating those who deny the science?

4 thoughts on “Climate Change

  1. Catherine M Kazan June 10, 2018 — 9:22 am

    While I am no science expert, we have always relied on the experts to guide policy in areas such as climate, pollution, etc…. My question is how do we remind people that our country has always been a leader in this area and we need to go back to a time where highly educated people, their research, and findings, were respected and taken seriously. When did we take a wrong turn?

    1. Moderates For Mikie June 11, 2018 — 7:36 am

      Talking to people during the primary campaign, my impression is that many don’t know who to trust because so many of the educated “elite” have lied to us so often – in both political parties – often thinking that they knew better but the reality was too hard to explain to us common folk. We didn’t get the impression that Mikie Sherrill will turn out that way if she gets elected. When it comes to science, however, I think most people trust scientists. But much of the media keeps playing up the idea that there is a conflict among scientists about climate change. The reality is that 97% of climate change scientists agree that the primary cause of global warming is mankind, specifically the generation of carbon dioxide by massive use of fossil fuels. These scientists debate about the details of how rapidly the warming will happen, how much sea level will rise, and how quickly deserts will expand if we keep generating carbon dioxide at the same rate. And of course they debate about the models they use to make their predictions. People often told us they would like to see a debate among scientists, not realizing how few scientists would oppose the concept of man made climate change that generates global warming. The reality is that the two prominent physicists (not climatologists) who began saying climate change is not man made are the same two guys who used to argue that tobacco smoke didn’t cause cancer and that the ozone layer was not being depleted. Debating about solutions is where we should be now. Is nuclear energy mature and safe enough to make part of the equation? How important is energy efficiency as a solution? Should we change building codes to require more insulation?

  2. Check out this article in Scientific American. The courts may force the head of the EPA to show evidence for his claim that mankind is not affecting climate –

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